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BPS Statement on AP Psychology

Viera, FL -- We have an update to share regarding the Advance Placement (AP) Psychology course. Our goal is to ensure that we are making decisions that are in the best interest of our students and our staff.


It has become clear that offering the Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology Course to our students this school year could be detrimental to our students, and our instructors. There is content in the AP Psychology curriculum required by the College Board, that violates recently enacted state legislation. The College Board has indicated that if our instructors do not teach all of the content in the course, including the section that violates state law, they will not certify the course. It will not count as an AP course. Students will lose the opportunity to earn college credit.  Conversely, if our instructors teach all of the content in the course, they will violate state law. In essence, if we don’t teach all of the content, our students will not receive AP credit. If we do teach all of the content, our instructors will violate the law. Therefore, we will not offer AP Psychology at any of our high schools this year.


Each of our high schools is identifying options for their students and instructors. These options include other AP courses or a college-level Psychology course offered through the International Baccalaureate program, or the AICE program (Cambridge). Each school will work with each student and family to ensure that a proper alternative is in place.  Please contact your high school for questions regarding the available options at your school.


We understand that the timing of these changes is not ideal, but our goal at this point is to ensure that our students receive proper credit for a course they complete and that our instructors are not placed in jeopardy because of a course they teach.