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Drama Club Excels at State

Jefferson’s Drama Club under the leadership of Elizabeth Wilson recently participated on the State Thespian Festival, and they performed admirably.  The group came home with  four Excellents and four Superiors. We are proud of this group that meets solely before and after school to prepare for this event. Congratulations to the following students:

“Some Things Are Meant To Be” Emma Costanilla and Hannah Fulps-Superior Duet Musical 

“Lost In The Brass” Mia Trine - Superior Solo Musical

“Beautiful Sound” Excellent Large Group Musical (Kali Butler, Pierce Zeiler, Mia Trine, Emma Costanilla,  Hannah Fulps, Niyah Miller, Mackenna Stevens, Paige Lamond, Brooke King, Aniya Stringer, Caitlin O’Conner, Madison Ellis)

“Six” Superior Small Group Musical (Ashley Sorenson, Kali Butler, Mia Trine, Emma Costanilla, Hannah Fulps, Niyah Miller)

“Hair Dye” Brooke King- Excellent Monologue

“Text Girl” Paige Lamond- Superior Monologue

“Waiting For Life” Emma Costanilla - Excellent Solo Musical

“Secondary Characters” Niyah Miller and Aniya Stringer- Excellent Duet