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Band Scores High at MPA's.

Congratulations to the Statesmen Jazz Band for their first participation in the FBA District 10 Jazz Music Performance Assessments. The Jazz Band earned Straight Superior ratings!

Congrats to all of our students who participated in this year’s FBA District 10 Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment! Overall, the Statesmen band members earned 29 Superiors and 10 Excellents.

Mark Coakley, Clarinet Solo, Excellent
Rex Lord, Trombone solo, Excellent
Solomon Johnson, Euphonium Solo, Superior
Reyvn Lacer, Flute Solo, Superior
Elizabeth Draper, Tuba Solo, Superior
Allie Mayfield, Flute Solo, Excellent
Andy D'Entremont, Euphonium Solo, Superior
Ambrea Fogle, Flute Solo, Excellent
Evan Dougherty, Clarinet Solo, Excellent
Jack Zulueta, Mallet Solo, Superior
James Baran, Drum Set Solo, Superior
James Baran, Snare Drum Solo, Superior
Michael Murr, Trombone Solo, Excellent
Bridgette Setters, Euphonium Solo, Superior
Brock Talluto, Trombone Solo, Superior
Zach Close, Trombone Solo, Superior
Aurora Lorraine, Flute Solo, Superior
Ava Hendricks, Clarinet Solo, Superior
Ben Post, Trumpet Solo, Superior
Brady Setters, Tuba Solo, Superior
Wes Glasser, Trumpet Solo, Superior
Zach Close, Trombone Quartet, Superior
Bridgette Setters, Trombone Quartet, Superior
Brock Talluto, Trombone Quartet, Superior
Michael Murr, Trombone Quartet, Superior
Kameron Goff, Trumpet Solo, Superior
Matthew Vanderwerken, Trumpet Solo, Excellent
Ben White, Trumpet Solo, Excellent
Evan West, French Horn, Solo Superior
James Baran, Marimba, Solo Superior
Isabella Blackburn, Bassoon Solo, Superior
James Hatten, Clarinet Solo, Superior
Bridgette Setters, Trombone Solo, Superior
Alexis Irby, Clarinet Solo, Excellent
Zach Close, Brass Trio, Superior
Evan West, Brass Trio, Superior
Bridgette Setters, Brass Trio, Superior
Addison Braun, Clarinet Solo, Superior
Yanis Ramirez, Clarinet Solo, Excellent