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Birthday & Classroom Treat Policy


The following items can be sent in:

- Store bought, FULLY SEALED in the original store container, cupcakes or cookies. NO CAKES. (These items no longer need to be individually wrapped). You can also send in individually pre-packaged items such as Hostess treats, Little Debbie treats, individual packages of chips, fruit snacks, granola bars etc.


DO NOT send in cakes, ice cream, homemade treats or balloons. Please keep these for your celebration at home.


Treats should be sent in to school with the student, as there isn’t always staff available to deliver them and we are trying to limit classroom disruptions.


Another option is to order treats from our cafeteria. They offer a wide variety of treats. Orders must be placed 10 days in advance. For more information or to place your order and print the order form, please click here.


Orders must be placed 10 days prior to the event.


Cafeteria Party Food