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6th Grade Awards

The 2018 - 2019 Sixth Grade Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 30th at 9:30 a.m.

Family members are invited and encouraged to attend to celebrate their student's accomplishments. The only students that may attend the 6th grade Awards Ceremony are the 6th grade students themselves. Other students or siblings may not be checked out or removed from their classroom to attend the ceremony.

Students should dress appropriately for the event. All clothing must be in compliance with school dress code. When choosing shoes for the ceremony, students need to keep in mind that they will be going up and down stairs to receive awards.

Please be aware that the teachers can not leave during the ceremony to get report cards, papers, or to check students out early. If you have a special consideration, please contact your child's teacher a few days prior to make arrangements. If students are leaving early, they must be signed out first. Please check with their teacher for the procedure to do so.

Please do not take pictures of any child except your own while on our school campus. Many parents/guardians have signed a photo release stating that they do not want their child's photo taken on campus or appearing on the internet (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for safety reasons. We understand the need to document and share your child's accomplishments and events throughout their life; however, please remember not everyone likes to do it in the same manner. Faculty and staff have some expectation of privacy; therefore, we require that you ask faculty and staff members for their permission before posting pictures on-line. Please be respectful and honor parents, guardians and staff's wishes.

We also ask that you please be courteous during the ceremonies. If you bring balloons, please leave them in the car until afterwards or be sure to keep them down so that they do not block the view of others. Also, please be sure to turn your cell phone off or place it in silent mode.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make our 6th grade awards ceremony enjoyable for all. Congratulations on your student's achievements!