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2020-2021 School Year Registration Packet HERE!

Dear Parents/Legal Guardians, 


As we look forward to the opening of the 2020/21 school year, it is time, once again, to complete your registration paperwork to ensure we have the most current and accurate information on your child(ren).  This is normally handled with take-home packets, but it will come as no surprise that we will be handling this process, as much as possible, digitally this year. 


Herein you will find a fillable pdf including all the yearly mandatory registration documents.  Please complete and submit these documents by May 18, 2020.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE EVERY FIELD IN THE PAPERWORK.


There are several steps to the process:


  1. Download and complete documents attached here for each school-age child who will be attending Pinewood in 2020-2021.  When it is complete, please save your document with your child’s last name.first name.  For example if your child’s name is John Smith, you would save your document as smith.john. 


  1. There are three ways you can return this information to us. 


  1. Print the entire document out and mail it to Pinewood Elementary (3757 Old Dixie Hwy, Mims, FL 32754)


  1. E-mail entire packet, using the naming convention outlined in step 1, to Pinewood Elementary at  While we remain vigilant about the security of all our platforms, including e-mail, we are also aware systems can be compromised.  If there is any information included in the registration packet you are concerned about sharing across e-mail, please use one of the other two options available.    


  1. Print the entire document out and hand deliver it to the school through the lunch line located in the bus loop.


While we do not know exactly what the start of school might look like next year, we want to be prepared regardless of this uncertainty.  To that end, our first step is the submission of complete and accurate registration paperwork submitted by May 18, 2020.  As soon as we are given further direction from the state, we will be able to provide more information about the rest of the registration process. 


Please take time now to get together all items which belong to Pinewood Elementary School (instruments, computers, textbooks, media center books, etc) as we will be collecting these items as soon as we are given the go ahead from the district.  We will also be coming up with a plan to get personal items back to students so be on the lookout for that information soon. 

Please stay well and take care … check FACEBOOK to stay up to date.






Mitzi Robinson, Principal