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Strict Cell Phone Policy Enforcement Begins 2/27

Cell phone, head phones, and ear buds use has become an increasing problem on campus.  Stone will begin strict enforcement of the existing BPS Cell Phone Policy beginning February 27.  Please have conversations with your student(s) regarding the policy and enforcement prior to February 27.  See below for policy and more details.

The School Board of Brevard County defines when students may use their communication devices during school hours and how they may use them. Policy 5136-Wireless Communication Devices (WCD) may be found on the district website and in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook (pages 26-29). 

WCD Policy 5136

BPS WCD Parent/Student Contracts


Click here for PDF summary of policies and consequences. 


I encourage you to read the district policy in its entirety and discuss it with your student(s) prior to the consistent enforcement on February 27, 2023.

Wireless communication devices have many positive uses. However, in the classroom setting they are an enormous distraction to learning. Multiple research studies cite the negative effects of cell phone use on teenagers, particularly the overuse of social media. We have found that cell phones not only distract students from learning, but also facilitate negative behavior such as:

Arguing with teachers about using cell phones in class
Taking photos or videos of students and staff without their permission
Accessing inappropriate websites
Arranging meetings with friends in the hallways or restrooms during class time

Student use of WCD, including but not limited to cell phones, wireless/wired headphones, and smart watches will be strictly prohibited during instructional time on our campus.  During class students may not use their WCD in any way.  This includes using their cell phones for calculators, checking the time, listening to music, reading a book or for any other reason.  Our faculty cannot educate students effectively when they are constantly distracted by electronic devices.

We will allow students to use their WCD before school and during their lunch.  Please counsel your student to use their WCD only during those times.  Students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary consequences including, but not limited to, revocation of their cell phone privilege on campus.  Please remember that any student with three or more referrals and/or two or more suspensions will be placed on the “No Go” list for the semester to include, but not limited to, non-eligibility to attend field trips, dances, events, and other special activities.  The attached document has more specific information regarding potential consequences.

We thank you for helping us reduce classroom distractions so that your student can give their complete attention to learning.  Please contact administration if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support,

Courtney Lundy