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New Gradebook Access is Here!
We are excited to announce that on October 15th, all BPS teachers began using a new gradebook called FOCUS School Software. FOCUS School
Software offers a new updated user experience for parents and students including a downloadable app.

Beginning on October 15th, the Edline button at the top of the district site and your school’s homepage has been converted to a FOCUS button.

Suntree sent out PIN codes to activate your new FOCUS parent account on Friday, October 12, 2018. Parent access became available on October 15th.  If you are new to Suntree or BPS and require a parent PIN code, contact your child's teacher who may print a PIN letter for you.  This PIN will be sent home with your child or you may ask to pick it up yourself.


Parent Portal Instructions:

Parent Video:

Frequently Asked Parent Questions and Troubleshooting