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FOCUS Information

Setting Up Your Account

Before you begin, stop by and see your students Guidance Counselor for the Student PIN required to create your FOCUS account.

When you have received your PIN, access Focus by going to, and using the Focus link at the top of the screen.

*If searching for Focus in Google, make sure you find a link starting with brevardk12.focus*


Under the login options there are links to create an account, add a student to an existing account, or recover your password.

After you create your account, by entering your email address and creating a password, you will be prompted to link a student to your profile. On this page you will enter your students Focus PIN, their Brevard  Student Number (this is on your PIN letter), and the students Date of Birth.

If you have multiple students in Brevard Schools you can add them at this time or at a later date using the links under the login screen.

Logging In

Log in using your email address and the password you created when setting up your account. If you are unable to log in, use the link below the login screen for password recovery options.

Navigating Focus

Parent Portal

When you login to Focus, your screen should look like this:

Focus Screenshot

  1. Current Term - Use this drop down to see previous terms gradebooks
  2. Alerts - Any new notifications will show here
  3. Messages - This is where messages from teachers, admin and Focus will appear. Links to download Interim grade reports will also appear here.
  4. Email Notifications - Here you can adjust your notification settings to receive updates weekly, daily or custom notifications.
  5. Featured Programs - Here are quick links to get around Focus
    1. Your student's current classes - Clicking on the course title will bring you to the class website, if no page has been created this link will bring you to the course gradebook.
    2. Your student's current grades - This is the grade for the current term (selected in box 1). Clicking this link will bring you to the course's gradebook.
    3. Message Teachers - Here you can quickly send an email to your student's teachers.
  6. Upcoming Events - Depending on your teachers settings, upcoming assignment due dates will show up here.

Checking Grades

When you open a course's gradebook, you will be able to see each assignment for the selected term.

You may see an assignment that is Not Graded, this assignment may be due in the near future and is not yet turned in, or it has been received and is not yet graded. An assignment that is Not Graded does not affect your student's grade. 

Side Menu Options

My Child

This menu will be a parents go-to and has the following options:

  1. Child Info - Here you can see the following information about your student.
    1. Address and Contacts - Please go over this information periodically to make sure contact information is up to date and get in touch with our Guidance Department to correct any errors you notice.
    2. General - Currently has birthdate, gender, and AUP (Acceptable Use Permission).
    3. Grade Summary - This is probably the best tool on Focus. On this tab you can see all the grades for the current school year in one place. Term 1, Term 2, Semester 1 Exam, Semester 1 Average, Term 3, Term 4, Semester 2 Exam and Semester 2 Average. Grades for the current term show the current gradebook grade with (GB).
    4. WDIS - Not used.
  2. Grade Changes - This page diplays the current grade from the selected term. Expanding a course will show all grade changes submitted for this term grade.
  3. Class Schedule - Your student's current schedule.
  4. Final Grades and GPA - This page shows your students entire Academic History. Percent grades will only be displayed for courses taken since Brevard Schools switched to Focus.
  5. Test History - This page shows testing information, including scores from FSA, EOC, PERT, etc.
  6. Standard Grades - This page is not used.
  7. Absenses - This page displays your student's daily attendance records for the selected term.
  8. Attendance Cards - This page displays period specific attendance information for your student.
  9. Re-Enrollment Summary - This page is not used.

My Information

Use this menu to adjust your account settings. From this menu you can adjust the layout of your Focus Portal. Play around and adjust Focus in a way that works for you.

Assignments & Grades

Use this menu to go directly into a gradebook.