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Parent FOCUS Tip - Locating Grades & Assignments

Can parents set up email notifications?

Yes, on the far right side of the parent portal, parents can select to receive a summary or customized notifications.

How can parents view their child’s grades in FOCUS?

Once a parent logs in to the parent portal, they will see an area for messages and alerts.  They will also see the list of courses with the student’s current grade for each class at the bottom of the portal under Featured Programs. To see the detailed list of assignments and grades for the student, the parent should click on the current grade for the class you wish to see. 

* Remember to change the Term dropdown arrow to show the Term you are looking for.  Fall Term 3 just began therefore to see Fall Term 2 assignments & grades, change the drop down arrow to show Fall Term 2.  The program defaults to the current grading period.