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Returning Tropical Students-Registration School Year 2020-21

Dear Parents/Legal Guardians,


As we prepare for the 2020/21 school year and reopening in August, it is imperative that you complete your registration paperwork as soon as possible.   Our school is staffed according to our enrollment, and we are still down over 200 students.  This is a large number of students and could result in a loss of teachers.  Even if you are not quite sure what you’re going to do next year, we need you to register if returning to Tropical is one of your options.  You can always change your mind, but we need to guarantee teachers for our students.  You can help with this by submitting your registration paperwork right away.  Once again, if you have not registered your child, please do so as soon as possible.  It is extremely important that we have the necessary instructional staff and a place for your child when students return. 


Before you begin the process below, please ensure your device has the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.  If you do not have Adobe, please return to our homepage, go to Quick Links, and click on Adobe Acobat Reader DC.  This is a free download.  If you do not want/need to download the Chrome Extension or Optional offers, please remember to unclick those automated checkmarks. 


Please click on the links below (Elementary English or Elementary Spanish) for the fillable pdf, which includes all the yearly mandatory registration documents. Please complete and submit these documents electronically as soon as possible.  For helpful information on compleing the digital signatures, please click here Digital Signing Helpful Information. If you are having trouble or are unable to complete the electronic process, please contact the front office at 321-454-1080 x52401 and we will gladly work with you for alternative options.  


Elementary English

Elementary Spanish


Through your input we have discovered that in order to properly complete and digitally sign the forms, they must be opened in Adobe.  Please follow the exact steps below to complete this process.  

  1. Click on the applicable registration packet link above.

  2. Once opened, click the option to download the file.

  3. Click save as and save the file onto your computer, in your documents. Remember to save using the format last.first (student’s name).

  4. Completely exit this opened downloaded file.

  5. Once you have exited the file, find the file in your computer documents and open the saved file.

  6. The file should then open in Adobe and give you digital signing capabilities. 

  7. Complete/fill in the packet with your student’s information and click save again.

  8. Email the completed packet to

  9. If your child will be attending a different Brevard Public School next year, please use that school’s universal address which can be found here: 

While we remain vigilant about security of all our platforms, including email, we are also aware systems can be compromised.  If there is any information included in the registration packet you are concerned about sharing accross email, please contact the front office. 


While we do not know exactly what the start of school might look like next year, we want to be prepared regardless of this uncertainty. To that end, our first step is the submission of complete and accurate registration paperwork submitted ASAP. As soon as we are given further direction from the state, we will be able to provide more information about the rest of the registration process.



Neleffra A. Marshall

School Principal