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Parking Permit Info



Any student who wants to drive on campus this coming school year needs to have a parking permit.  The best way to get the permit is to come to guidance over the summer break.  If you are a senior then you will be able to pick out your spot now.  All underclassmen are welcome to do the paperwork and pay over the summer also.  Doing this now will help you avoid the very long line that forms during registration for parking.  Due to security concerns, tickets will be issued to all students who have not registered their vehicles by the first day of school.  Please take advantage of this time to get your parking permit, and paperwork taken care of before registration.  Parking tags will be available during registration.  The cost to register your vehicle is $20.00 dollars.  For seniors who wish to paint their bumpers there will be an extra $20.00 charge.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Rooney by e mail or 321-632-1770.


Parking Permit Application

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