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2021 Underclassmen Awards

Viera High School is Honored to announce the 2020 – 2021 Underclassmen Awards

Each year the VHS faculty collaborates to select underclassmen who are the top performer and the student with the most grit (passion and perseverance) within subject areas.  This year, with its extra challenges, many students have risen above the regular and unforeseen challenges to bring their BEST.  At this time, we are excited to celebrate some of our students’ achievements of passion, perseverance, and performance.  Please join us in celebrating our students.  Award certificates will be distributed to brick-and-mortar students, by one of their teachers.  E-learners may pick up their awards from the front office, starting Monday 5/24/21.

It is our honor to announce and celebrate:

Language Arts

English 1- Top: Ian Fox, Grit: Jayla Gordon

English 1 Honors – Top: Braelynn Smith, Grit: Zachary Farquharson

English 2 – Top: Jack Quincy, Grit: Logan Varino

English 2 Honors – Top: Bora Turkmen, Grit: Julia Norfolk

English 3 – Top: Melissa Faber, Grit: Austin Kehoe

English 3 Honors – Top: Joshua Carrizales, Grit: Tyler Swindel

AP Language Arts – Top: Jasmeet Bhatt, Grit: Autumn Soto

Yearbook – Top: Taylor George, Grit: Tyler Mahovlich

Journalism – Top: Camryn Wallace, Grit: Trinity Baker

Speech – Top: Elijah Kelford, Grit: Leah Fearon

Film – Top: Nikolas Gonzalez, Grit: Cassandra Strohm


Algebra 1 – Top: John Bobelak, Grit: Nick Monaghan

Geometry – Top: Sa Le, Grit: Julia Norfolk

Geometry Honors – Top: Neta Elran, Grit: Bobbi :lilah” Bailey

Algebra 2 – Top: Skye MacDonald, Grit: Estela Jimenez

Algebra 2 Honors – Top: Joy Haddadin, Grit: Juul Wilkinson

Math for College Readiness – Top: Marie Walker, Grit: Brianna Martinez

Advanced Topics – Top: Luke Scheer, Grit: Erik Ochoa

Pre-Calculus – Top: Arib Ahsan, Grit: Charles “Cameron” Cox

AP Calc (AB) – Top: Alyssa Buccieri, Grit: Emma Morris

AP Calc (BC) – Top: Ryan Devito, Grit: Kayla Beigh


World Languages

French 1 – Top: Kaylie Sylban, Grit: Emily Herman

French 2 – Top: Anna Ulrick, Grit: Alicia Cook

French 3 – Top: Caroline Sylvan, Grit: Mauricio Ceren

Spanish 1 – Top: Noella Janssen, Grit: Jake A. Brown

Spanish 2 – Top: Ian Fox, Grit: Skye MacDonald

Spanish 3 Honors – Top: Esther Kao, Grit: Joshua Light

Spanish 4 Honors – Top: Eva Nastevska, Grit: Loanne Masson

AP Language and Culture – Top: Shane Layman, Grit: Olivia Fortson


Anatomy/Physiology – Top: Michelle Pippett, Grit: Juliet McDaniel

Biology – Top: Ian fox, Grit: Richard Varina

Biology Honors – Top: Hope Svarstrom, Grit: Abril Aza

AP Biology – Top: Juliet McDaniel, Grit: Teya Hagy

Chemistry – Top: Emma Grove, Grit: Ryan Henderson

Chemistry Honors – Top: Rebecca DeVoid, Grit: Neta Elran

Environmental Science – Top: Steven Curristan, Grit: Eden Hamrick

AP Environmental Science – Top: William Vangenchten, Grit: Zoe Strong

Forensic Science – Top: Zoe Prater, Grit: D’Andre Williams

Marine Science 1 – Top: Celeste Sapp, Grit: Deznee Joseph

Marine Science 2 – Top: Savannah Reiser, Grit: Wyatt Chou

Physical Science – Top: Edward Cam, Grit: Lucas De Silva

Physics – Top: Cristal Scott, Grit: Colin Rose

Physics Honors – Top: Reem Shamseldin, Grit: Charles Cipriano

AP Physics – Top: Felipe Schmidt, Grit: Cooper Bascle

Intensive Language Arts

ILA – Top: C’Yana Harris, Grit: Edian Espinal-Colon

Career and Technical Education

Early Child Education – Top: Kyra Lee, Grit: Amy Ciak

Exercise Science and Sports Medicine – Top: Haley Deatherage, Grit: Taj Snavely

Fashion design – Top: Coralys Gomez, Grit: Rebecca Luchs

Interior Design – Top: Lynne Armentrout, Grit: Rebecca DeVoid

Dental Aide – Top: Amelia Parker, Grit: Auburn Voorhees

Career Research – Top: Jaclyn Kirrane, Grit: Sofia Vargas

TV Production – Top: Hayley Power, Grit: Calvin Presecan

Foods – Top: Noland Loeak, Grit: Lorelei Jones

Web Application Development – Top: Jasmeet Bhatt, Grit: Adiel Zaiden

Social Studies

World History – Top: Amir Cason, Grit: Ellise Skoviera

World History Honors – Top: Ryan Acevedo, Grit: Matthew Giannacco

AP Human geography – Top: Bora Turkmen, Grit: Pamela Maurin

US History – Top: Nicholas Narvaez, Grit: Jasmin Robinson

US History Honors – Top: Brittany Odic, Grit: Gabriella Shenbaum

AP US History – Top: Esther Kao, Grit: Joshua Glick

Government – Top: Jacquelin Castro, Grit: Allison Cajina

Economics – Top: Cadence Hatfield, Grit: Tim Murrell

Government Honors – Top: Daniel Rice, Grit: Coralys Gomez

Economics Honors – Top: Delilah Datta, Grit: Priscilla Amyzial

AP US Government – Top: Halley Palleti, Grit: Brinlie Pond

Psychology – Top: Jack Kelly, Grit: Shaiel Hincapie-Hernandez

Law Studies 1 – Top: Ashlyn Engler, Grit: Max Merson

AP Psychology – Top: Felipe Schmidt, Grit: Hannah Carpenter

AP Seminar – Top: Jaydin Gentile, Grit: Alyssa Buccieri