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CBHS Mentor Program

My Family's Keeper Mentor Program

My Family's Keeper, MFK, is a mentor program connecting CBHS alumni with current CBHS upperclassmen. The program was started by the CBHS 2009 and 2010 graduating classes and CBHS Guidance. Students: Explore our mentors below, and click on their names to visit their webpages. If you would like direct contact with any of them, please reach out to Ms. Carr at 

Maxx Amato, 2010, Health Advisor at United States Health Advisors

Mackenzie Broughton, 2014, Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines 

Chelsea Carrillo, 2009, Operations Support Technician at Cheesecake Factory

Sean Daniels, 2012, Web Developer at 

William Du Sablon, 2011, Director of Patient Advocacy at Research Catalyst

⇒Click here to listen to William Du Sablon's Journey

Spenser Dubin, 2015, Software Developer at Deloitee 

Kurt Easton, former CBHS coach, Urban Planner and Managing Partner at Clean Footprint

Austin Ehmke, 2009, Operations Supervisor at Canaveral Port Authority 

Evan Ernst, 2009, Executive Director of Who We Play For

Savannah Foley, 2009, Science Teacher for District of Columbia Public Schools

Don Foley, 1980, Proposal Graphics, Infographics, Diagrams for

Christine Gal, 2014, Senior Data Analyst at Xandr

Dorothy Gal, 2012, Opera Singer at Houston Grand Opera

Marklyton Holmes, 2009, DevOps Engineer at Nielsen

Joseph Kennedy, 2016, Owner of Newfound Clothing, Founder of Gekyume Marketing

Teleshia Lewinson, 2009, Sr. Fraud Coordinator at Capital One, President of G.I.R.L.S. Rock, and Owner of Virtually Made 4 You

Megan Myers, 2010, Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Cayer Behavioral Group

Grace Namchaithotsaphon, 2012, Foreign English Teacher at Field Education 

Michael Patton, 2009, Professional Services Integration Engineer at SportsRadar US

Kalynn Peff, 2008, Manager of Corporate Communications at Salesforce

Zane Schultz, 2009, Non-profit Account Manager at Clarivate Analytics 

Rachel Spurlock, Inside Sales- Surgical CAPD- ASC Team Lead at Nuance Communications

Trevor Tezel, 2011, Attorney at NASA

Kaila Varano, 2013, Yoga Instructor at Calm Kids and at Total Zen Float, Meditation Instructor at UCF, Fitness Manager at Westminster Communities, and Assignment Desk Intern at Spectrum


If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please fill out the Google form here: