Welcome to Mr. G and Mrs. Bobleter's PE!

Our Positive Physical Education Pledge (courtesy of NASPE) as highly-qualified physical education teachers, we pledge to:  

*Establish a positive, safe learning environment for all students   
*Teach a variety of physical activities that make physical education a class that is fun and enjoyable                                                 
*Create maximum opportunities for students of all abilities to be successful                                                                     
*Promote student honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship  
*Guide students into becoming skillful and confident movers  
*Facilitate the development and maintenance of physical fitness   
*Assist students in setting and achieving personal goals   
*Provide specific, constructive feedback to help students master motor skills  
*Afford opportunities for students to succeed in cooperative and competitive situations     
*Prepare and encourage students to practice skills and be active for a lifetime