All participants will need the following CLEARED through Athletic Clearance ( PRIOR to participating in any sport!

**There is information on local places to get your Physical and/or ECG on the main page below!

1. PHYSICAL (FHSAA EL2 Form) - Page 4 MUST BE signed, dated and checked "Medically Eligble." The top of Page 4 must be filled out completely. Physicals are good for 365 days.

2. BPS ECG FORMMUST HAVE A FORM DATED AFTER 6/1 FOR EVERY SCHOOL YEAR! It is up to the parent to determine if they want an ECG every year. There are three options for each year with this form:

     - If choosing to get an ECG, fill out the top of the form, check the "The following represents the findings" box, sign the bottom and have the Doctor fill out the middle box with the results.

     - If there is one on file and you do not want another one just mark the "ON FILE" and "DECLINE" box - attach your previous results.

     - If you want to opt out - mark the "DECLINE" box. The top of the form MUST BE fully filled out and parents MUST sign at the bottom.

3. A copy of your health insurance must be uploaded and typed into the profile as well. **Every participant must have health insurance. If you need insurance please visit this link:

4. A copy of your auto insurance and the travel waiver must be uploaded as well.

5. The entire profile on Athletic Clearance must be completed including all signatures on the EL3 and assigned forms/waivers.

6. At least a 2.0 GPA, and any other relevant paperwork based on your eligibility. 

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