Cell Phone Policies

Students attending Jefferson Middle School may have a cell phone provided the following standards are met:

  • All Jefferson Middle School students must complete a cell phone contract BEFORE bringing a cell phone on campus. This contract will be completed during registration. Once a cell phone contract is on file, it is valid for the entire time a student attends Jefferson Middle School.
  • If you obtain a cell phone after the registration date or your cell phone information changes it is the student’s responsibility to contact the front office to either complete or update a cell phone contract.
  • Per school board policy, your cell phone must  be turned off from the first bell in the morning until after the student leaves the building.
  • Cell phone use is NOT permitted on the school bus.
  • JMS is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones, nor do we have the resources to investigate if they are lost or stolen.      
  • Using a cell phone during the normal school day, for any reason, will result in an corrective strategies.
  • The cell phone must be secured and kept out of sight.
  • If a student’s cell phone is confiscated, a parent/guardian must pick up the phone.  Confiscated phones will not be returned to a student. The school will not contact parents to notify that a phone has been confiscated.
  • A second violation of  the cell phone contract(out in class, rings etc.) will result in corrective strategies.
  • Use of a cell phone during the school day to talk, text , photograph or access the internet will result in corrective strategies.
  • If a student continues to violate the cell phone contract their cell phone privilege may be revoked.