Clinic Policies

CLINIC HOURS are 9AM - 4PM during school days.

A pass is required to visit the clinic for EVERY visit unless your condition is so urgent that you could not wait for your teacher to write one for you. 

If you receive an injury, such as a cut, scrape, or pencil puncture wound, wash IMMEDIATELY with soap and water BEFORE coming to the clinic. Cover with a clean tissue or paper towel and apply pressure if actively bleeding. 

Clinic use is for all JMS staff or Visitors who become sick or injured while at school. Please do not substitute proper medical care with your Primary Care Provider for frequent trips to the clinic. If you are injured or sick outside of school, please address your concern with your parents/doctor and do not wait until you get to school. (ie: If you need daily band-aid changes for blisters on your ankles from new shoes, please stock up on band-aids at home to avoid missing class.)

If you come to the clinic because you are too ill to be in class, a parent will be called to take you home to recover. You may wait in the clinic for a few minutes for them to arrive if the nurse feels you are too sick to return to class. 

All medication given in the clinic is done so only after the parent has given consent in writing AND provided the medication in the original container. This includes both prescription and over the counter medications. There is no medicine of any kind available in the clinic unless YOUR parent has brought it in to the nurse for YOU. Every pill and cough drop is counted and is the property of the student who brought it to school. 

Clinic visits must be quick and to the point in order to maintain the Administration's common goal of keeping all students in class for the best results from your learning experience while here at JMS. Don't plan to come to the clinic just to hang out or miss class. While the medical reason the student visits the clinic during the school day will remain confidential, the nurse communicates regularly with each teacher regarding student visits and the amount of time spent in the clinic.

If you are under the care of a physician for a specific condition, please don't ask the nurse to change the treatment plan your doctor has prescribed. It is against the law to do so, and the nurse will not act against the physician for any reason.

The Brevard County Health Department is the authority under which clinic treatment policies fall. There are certain procedures that the nurse is not permitted to do in the school setting. All treatment rendered in the clinic is at the discretion of the nurse and the policies she must adhere to.