Homework for Absences

Students who are ill and anticipate being absent from school for more than three days may request assignments. The parent should contact the school office at least ONE FULL DAY PRIOR to picking up assignments to allow time for the teachers to complete the assignment form and gather the material. Parents can also e-mail teachers directly. Please see the Staff Directory for our faculty addresses. 

Students will be required to complete requested assignments and will receive a grade for them. These assignments will be considered as part of the make-up work required of students when absent.

Students who are suspended are required to make up all assignments missed during the suspension. Students will request all missed work from their classroom teachers upon their return from suspension. Classroom teachers will provide a reasonable amount of time for the student to complete the missed work.

It is the students' responsibility to communicate with their teachers concerning missing assignments. The students are personally responsible for completing all make-up work within the required time frame. 

If a student is absent from school it is their responsibility to report to their teacher to get the work that they missed. A reasonable amount of time, as determined by the classroom teacher will be provided to make up work.