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Edge is a core reading intervention program designed for Florida students reading below grade level. It prepares students for success on the FCAT and moves them to graduation and a promising future. Edge has several components and materials that motivate. Each unit has essential questions that cause students to be active participants in their own learning. The relevant literature offers a wide variety of classic and contemporary texts that students can and want to read. Edge offers a focused instruction. Focus and repetition ensure student mastery of the concepts and strategies. Reading strategies are applied across genres to promote strategy transfer. Each literature cluster contains paired readings and focuses on one specific literary element and one reading strategy. Every cluster ends with Reflect and Assess, where students compare texts and relate them tot he Essential Question, review vocabulary, and develop reading fluency with one of the selections.


The assessment-for-learning system is an aid for guiding literacy instruction for all students, but particularly those who are struggling to meet grade level standards. The assessments are meant to help improve learning by informed instruction. Administration of the FAIR three times a year satisfies the statutory requirement to monitor progress of all students who achieved FCAT performance at level 1 or 2 in the previous year or have been identified with a reading deficiency. This is a computer-adaptive measure of reading comprehension in which the passages and items mimic, as closely as possible, those that a student is likely to experience on the end-of-year FCAT. It provides four types of information to help plan instruction: current reading ability, FCAT Success Probability (FSP), Lexile and cluster area scores.



Voyager Introduction-Passport Reading Journeys

Nearly 8 million studetns in grades 4-12 struggle to read at grade elvel. In fact, 70% of older readers require some form of remediation.

Fortunately, current research provides insight inot the strategies that can benefit adolescent students who are at risk of reading failure.

Passport Reading Journeys is built on that research.

The Passport Reading Journeys lesson format includes whole-group and flexible-group instruction. This ensrues maximum use of instructional time, so each student is positioned for success.

Research-based assessments help teachers group for instruction and monitor the progress of each student.

High-Interest DVD segments engage and motivate students with topics ranging from forensic science to money management to space in two-week units called "Expeditions."

Strategic Online Learning Opportunities (SOLO) is an interactive, Web-based technology tool that enables students to practice important vocabulary and comprehension skills.

The Passport Reading Journeys Library provides a diverse and appropriately challenging assortment of materials for independed reading (based on Lexile scores for mathcing students with appropriate literature levels). 

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