January 2018 Minutes

NHS January 2018 Minutes

  1. Call to order

Meeting called to order at 3:47

  1. Roll Call/attendance

43 members present at meeting

III. Minutes of the Previous meeting

  1. Treasurer’s report

No treasurer report

  1. Vice President Updates

No Vice President report

  1. Unfinished Business

No unfinished business

  1. Point Checks

Making sure that members with below 5 points as of now are signing up for events.  

VII. New Business

  1. 4.0 Balloons 2nd 9 week & semester

Volunteers needed to blow up balloons and deliver them. Volunteers must either be dual-enrollments students or have an elective class during the morning with teacher permission.

  1. Math Night -2/15 6p-7p Auditorium

Night to get more involved in math at schools, and can bring a parent.

  1. Guest Speaker-Mrs. Scales

There was no guest speaker today

  1. School Store

Need volunteers in the morning at 8 am to help sell and set up materials and products.

  1. MDA -second semester activity, required for all members

Selling shamrocks to support MDA and organizing a plan on how to sell the shamrocks

  1. Middle School track sign ups

Volunteers can sign up to help with the track meet. Volunteers will help with equipment and time for different events

VIII. Adjourn Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 4:46