MIHS School Advisory Committee

Would you like to learn more about your student’s opportunities at MIHS? Would you like to learn about school improvements and programs at MIHS?  Would you like to build a closer relationship with MIHS administrators, staff, teachers and students?  Would you like to have a voice in how the A+ funds are used to help MIHS programs function optimally?  Then you should attend a SAC meeting!   


SAC is the School Advisory Council at MIHS.  SAC is comprised of students, administrators, parents and staff members.  Our award winning SAC would love to have a wider representation of parents representing each class.  


SAC meetings are held from 4-5pm in the media center on the second Tuesday of each month.  If you don’t have time in your schedule for a regular monthly commitment, you could attend occasionally and serve as an “alternate”.  It really is a great way to stay current on the news and happenings at MIHS!   


Purpose: The Advisory Council assists the Principal in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan and the annual budget. The Advisory Council plays a key role in deciding how two sources of State money given to schools, should be spent. The State gives every school, $10 per student to spend on the Improvement Plan. For school recognition, those schools achieving an “A” rating or improving their status one-letter grade, the State provides $100 per student. There are very strict guidelines as to where monies are spent; allocation of these funds must be directly related to the SIP. 


Vision Statement: The Merritt Island High School community, working cooperatively with their feeder schools, parent groups and business partners, will strive to provide the best educational opportunities for students, in a safe environment that allows them to be challenged to their full potential and encourages them to become citizens who are sensitive to their community and environment. 


School Mission: In a tradition of excellence known as "Island Style", Merritt Island High School provides a safe and nurturing environment where individuals are empowered to think independently, communicate effectively and contribute to a global society. 



1. Students' learning needs are the primary focus of Merritt Island High School. 

2. Every student is a valued individual with unique needs. 

3. Merritt Island High School's instructional practices accommodate different learning styles to ensure opportunities for all students' success. 

4. Merritt Island High School is a safe and nurturing place where students and staff demonstrate mutual respect. 

5. All students are entitled to equal access to educational programs, facilities and extra-curricular activities. 

6. The community, administrators, staff, teachers, students and parents, as equal stakeholders, share in the responsibility of ensuring a fair, consistent and unbiased educational environment.