One Act- Running Upstream! December 2nd at 7:00pm

"He moves a little slower, talks a little different. But that's all. All you have to do is look into his eyes and you can see the wheels turning a million miles a minute. Problem is, not too many people take the time to look for his eyes, past his arms and legs, sometimes, even me.."     

These are Danny Osgoods thoughts concering his brother, David, a young man entering manstream high school despite his worries over his physical handicaps. when Danny is mistakenly given the credit for Davids poetry, friends and family are forced to realize that they, too, need to take the time to look past his arms, legs, and slurred speech, to see the person behind the written words.

Running Upstream tells the story of a young man coming to terms with his handicap and how those around him are affected as well. 

Tickets will be $5

See Mrs.Rose for more information!