Message for week of October 28, 2019

Current West Shore students who wish to return next year

We still have 80 parents that have not done the renewal application for their child to return to West Shore next year. The deadline is THIS Friday, November 1, 2019. You must not only apply but once approved you must go back in and click accept. This step is new this year and must be completed prior to Friday, so please do not wait until the last day to start your application. If you have any questions, please contact Janice Kowing in the front office.

Halloween Costumes

The Junior class is hosting a fundraiser to help defray the costs of Prom. If you would like to wear a Halloween costume to school on Thursday, you will need to purchase a wrist band for $4. Wrist bands will be on sale during power hour Tuesday and Wednesday and the morning of Halloween. Only students who have a wrist band on will be able to wear their costume. Please remember that all costumes must be dress code appropriate, no masks, no weapons, and no pajamas/slippers.


Josten’s will be here for a special presentation this Friday during homeroom to provide you with information on ordering graduation announcements, caps and gowns. If you are not able to attend please be sure to pick up an informational packet in the front office.

Car-loop Pick-up

Just a couple of reminders. Car loops are no cell phone zones. Please hang up before you pick up! Once you have loaded your car please turn your blinker on so that we will know you are ready to pull out to the exit lane. Lastly we need your help with following our afternoon traffic patterns.

High School loop

If you are picking up from the high school loop you would enter from Neiman to Wildcat Alley and make a left into the car lop. Then when exiting turn right onto Wildcat Alley and proceed to Neiman. There are no left turns exiting the high school loop.

Middle school loop

If you are picking up from the middle school loop. You would enter Wildcat Alley from Babcock and turn right into the school. Upon exiting you will turn left onto Wildcat Alley and proceed to Babcock. There are no right turns when exiting the middle school loop.