MS Band Update 9-17-18

MS Band Update 9-17-18
What’s Happening This Week

What’s Happening This Week
•    Money Collection: Mondays and Wednesdays 9:05-9:25AM, Band Room
•    Daily Practice in Band Room : 9:05-9:25am
•    Mondays: Mentoring 4:15-5:30pm (Pick up at Bus Ramp)
•    Friday: Pecan Sale Starts!
•    Weekly Tests: Due by Thursday/Friday

Pecan Sale Starts Friday!
Our annual Pecan sale is starting this Friday and will last until October 9th! Students who sell at least ONE item are eligible to participate in our band’s “Music Money” incentive program! This is where kids earn music money to spend on music items (music, reeds, care kits, sticks, etc) and fun things for the band. Sale forms come home on BRIGHT COLORED PAPER on Friday!

Mustang Mentoring!
Band mentoring has started! Mentoring takes place from 4:15-5:30pm at JMS. All band members should plan on attending if they have no other conflicts! This is a great way to learn and progress, meet the Mustang band members, work with the band directors, earn extra credit and do pass-offs! Pick up will be at 5:30pm at the bus loop.

Middle School Band Night – Wrap Up!
Thank you! All chaperones, students, and families who attended Friday night’s football game! We had 52 JMS students attend this awesome event with the Mustang Band! The kids got a sneak peak at being in band in high school – it is very different and a TON of fun! Pictures are posted on the JPO Facebook Page as well as the Marching Mustang Page.

Spaghetti Dinner
We are gearing up for our first Statesmen Band Spaghetti Dinner! Please start looking for BOGO deals for plain Spaghetti noodles to donate to the dinner. We will also start a sign up for other items and help needed soon!

All bands received a “Pass-Off” Sheet this week. This is what we are working on as a class! Students should be marking what their goals are for this week and practicing them at home. This is also part of their weekly tests.
Beginning Band Pass Off: First Study Line 1 (from Band Book) with added articulation
Symphonic/Concert Band: Concert F Scale
Percussion: Vic Firth Percussion Worksheet, to complete, visit

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Upcoming Dates
•    Mondays: Band Mentoring 4:15-5:30pm
•    September 21-October 09: Pecan Sale
•    October 11: Demonstration Concert for Beginning Band
•    November 6: Spaghetti Dinner (New date!)
•    November 8: All County Concert Band Audition
•    November 15: All County Jazz Band Auditions
•    December 11: JMS Band Winter Concert @ MIHS