Band Room Hours

Band Room Hours

We would like to open our doors before and after school to students who need a space to practice. Students who wish to come to practice are reminded that the band room is a place of work and not play. Those who wish to come before school must wait outside the band room until Ms. Kinion opens the door. Please check the band room door for posted hours. If the lights are off, then Ms. Kinion is unavailable and there will be no morning practice.

Band Room Hours

Monday: 9:05-9:25am, 4:15-5:30pm* (Money Turn In 9:05-9:25am)

*Extended hours on Monday afternoons for Mentoring starting in September

Tuesday: 9:05-9:25am

Wednesday:8:30-9:25am *Make Up Tests and Pass-Offs* (Money Turn In 9:05-9:25am)

Thursday: 9:05-9:25am

Friday: 9:05-9:25am, No after school rehearsal/Early Release