Finding Instruments

Finding Instruments

This page is for beginners or intermediate players seeking out instrument materials.

JMS Handbook (List of recommended instruments and materials are listed on page 10)

Beginning Band Parent Meeting Slideshow

Local Music Stores

Helpful Hints on Finding Instruments


When can I take my instrument home?

As far as putting the instrument together is concerned, I understand how anxious students are to get to playing (and how anxious parents are to see what they are putting their money towards). My philosophy is very simple: master the fundamentals first, then add on from there.

We are training students to develop muscles (embouchure) they are not use to using in a way that will take practice and patience. If we add on the instrument too quickly, that fundamental is not as strong. Thus, a weaker instrumentalist. Unfortunately, in my short career I have seen students put together the instruments too soon and to our dismay they were not able to be as successful as those who have mastered each step diligently. I hope you can see and respect this philosophy as we build solid foundations. Your child will be more successful (and sound much better) if we are all in line with this philosophy.

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