What is Biblio-Counseling?

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Books can be a powerful way to help students address a variety of needs.

Ever lost yourself in a good book? Or read a book that helped you look at something in a whole new light? Books are highly engaging tools to use when delivering messages that might otherwise come accross as dry or instructive. Biblio-counseling helps children understand problems, perhabs before they arrive in their lives, using stories to acquaint them with issues and solutions. Are you looking for ways to teach your kids about resilience, self-control, empathy, tolerance?

Here are some titles you can try: 

When I Feel Angry- Self-Control, Respect
The Rainbow Fish - Friendship
The Recess Queen - Bullying
The Bucket Filler - Kindness
Listen Buddy - Listening Skills
Elmer, The Elephant- Tolerance, Respect
Manana, Iguana- Cooperation and some Spanish
Leo, The Lightning Bug- Perseverance
Amazing Grace- Tolerance, Respect, Motivation
When I Care About Others- Caring, Kindness