Substitutes Needed!

Substitute Teachers Needed

Create your own work schedule! Substitute teaching is a very flexible job. You could work 5 days a week or only 1 day a week if you choose.

In order to become a Substitute Teacher with Brevard Public Schools the applicant:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age (Elementary Only) otherwise 21 years of age.
  2. Present a valid Social Security and FL Driver's License.
  3. Be physically able to perform the duties of a substitute teacher.
  4. Have earned the Minimum Education Requirement (HS Diploma or equivalent).
    ParaPro Test may be required (
  5. Complete all required employment paperwork (See Career Pathway steps)
  6. Pass required pre-employment screenings (Drug Screening and Security Clearance).


Pay scale :

With a High School Diploma or Associates Degree - $15.00 per hour
With a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher - $17.50 per hour
Retired Teachers - $21.25 per hour

PLUS an extra $20 per day to substitute at Croton!

Please follow the link below to start the online application process.

If you have additional questions please contact Kendra Appleton at 321-633-1000 ext. 11205 or