Youth Truth Results

Youth Truth Survey Results

Commodores…We hear you!!!!

The Youth Truth Survey is made available to all BPS students so that they can provide feedback on their school. Many of our young Commodores took on the important task of completing this survey and we are here to say “We hear you!!”.

The faculty and staff of Eau Gallie High School understand the importance of the information provided on the Youth Truth Survey, and we know there are action items that need to take place in response to the data we have received.

In the category of College and Career Readiness, it was resoundingly clear that our students want more instruction on life skills. It was evident that our students want guidance on topics such as budgeting, writing checks, taxes, and applying for scholarships. In order to address this need, we plan to implement a Life Skills Seminar Series. Each one of these seminars will focus on one of the areas specified within the Youth Truth responses so that we can better prepare our students for life after high school.

Students will be given the opportunity to sign up for the seminars that will be held during Anchor Hour beginning in the 2021-2022 school year.

We look forward to continuing to provide more detailed measures in response to the data we received!