2020 Graduation Updated Information and Procedures



I wanted to provide some specific information regarding the 2020 Palm Bay Magnet High School Graduation.  Graduation is scheduled for Saturday, July 25th at 9:00 am in the Palm Bay Magnet High School stadium.  Access will be limited due to CDC mandates.  As a result, tickets will be required for attendance for all guests.  Ticket pick-up will occur on Tuesday, July 15, Wednesday, July 16, and Thursday, July 17 from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm in the Palm Bay Magnet High School front office.  If you cannot pick your tickets up at that time, please contact Palm Bay Magnet High School via phone to ensure arrangements for alternate pick-up prior to 3:00 pm on Thursday, July 17th.  If not, no guest tickets will be available for the graduate.  Please remember social distancing expectations when entering the front office lobby.  The individual picking up the tickets must have a valid photo ID.  If the individual picking up is not the student, the individual’s name must be on the students’ contact list and all must sign for ticket receipt.


No replacement or additional tickets will be provided, so please secure your tickets upon receipt.


All student obligations, including property return, must be completed/cleared to receive tickets. 


There is no practice permitted for graduation, therefore please adhere to the following: Graduation dress code is semi-formal. Please view the provided power point regarding graduation for specifics.  Please assist and adhere so that we do not have to react to any individual not in compliance.  Cap and gown with mortar (hat) with tassel are required.


All graduates and guests are required to wear masks.


Upon arrival, graduates will enter at the front gymnasium gates by 7:45 am.  Anyone arriving late may not be able to participate.  Temperatures will be taken, and students will be directed to a zone.  In each zone, students will be given a pre-labelled name card and they will be alphabetized in a line via social distancing.  Graduates, your name card is your responsibility and must be provided to the reader at the stage graduation entrance.


When appropriate, zones will be escorted into the stadium and seated via social distancing for the ceremony.


Upon completion, all students will return to their seats and the conferring of the diploma brief speech by me will occur.


After the conferring, all students will be directed in a single file, social distanced fashion, back out the way you entered the stadium and back on to campus, where all graduates will pick up their actual diploma and be released.



Thank you,

Mr. Kaminski