Creating a Resume

A good resumé can take you places and students need a resume whether they are applying for college, the military or the workforce. Additionally résumés are great to give to anyone you are asking to write a letter of recommendation as they help refresh the author’s memory about all that makes you marvelous.


  • Avoid making your resumé too short or too long.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns and articles.
  • Quantify as much as possible. Use Numbers to Highlight Your Accomplishments. For example:
    • Over 75 hours dedicated to Relay for Life
    • Vs
    • Volunteered for Relay for Life
  • Watch out for typos! A typo can land your résumé in the trash.
  • Include what you do before and after school as well as during vacations.
  • List awards, merits, achievements and accomplishments—this is your time to shine!