Destination Mars/Girls in Stem
Destination Mars/Girls in Stem

A wonderful opportunity for our 6th graders. In Girls in Stem, we look at female roles in space exploration. In Destination Mars, we design a way to live and work on Mars.

Strings/Chorus Program

5th and 6th Grade students learn to play instruments such as violin, viola, cello, and double bass. All students can learn to sing in chorus through many genres of music.

Art Work
Art Shows

Join us at our art show where students show off their cool artwork like paintings, drawings, and sculptures. It's a fun way for them to share their creativity with everyone!

Garden Club
Garden Club

Students will plant seeds & seedlings, learn about planting and growing food, help decorate and care for the garden space.

5th Grade Zoo School
Zoo School

5th graders get to enjoy 4 weeks of learning in a different environment, with more resources and opportunities for hands-on activities.