Outside Food/Beverage Policy


Students who arrive after the start of the school day (9:30am) with drinks or food from an outside establishment/restaurant will not be permitted to enter the school.  Students will be allowed to finish eating/drinking in the office, but this could result in a tardy/absence depending on the actual time the student officially enters school.

Students will NOT be called out of class, nor will classes be interrupted to deliver forgotten items or food/drinks.  Students may check the front office between classes for deliveries but are still responsible for getting to class on time (passes will not be given to students). Deliveries of balloons, flowers, food i.e.: Dominos, Uber eats, etc. are NOT permitted. 

Per our district policy: Individuals on the student contact list are only permitted to bring in or drop a meal for their child.  Each school will designate an eating area away from the cafeteria where parents/guardians can eat with their child.  Meals dropped off will be held in the front office to safeguard instructional time. At the school's discretion, meals dropped off may be required to be consumed in a designated eating area away from the cafeteria.