Gifted and Advanced Placement

All students deserve an education designed to maximize their abilities. Students who desire challenging academics should be encouraged and motivated to excel beyond standard expectations for their grade level.

Academically talented students have unique cognitive and affective needs. Therefore, a program with teachers trained to address each student’s academic and social-emotional needs is necessary for these students to achieve their full potential.


  • To provide hands-on experiences and practical applications of  content material

  • To provide opportunities for team and individual projects that are interdisciplinary in scope and that require multi-dimensional application

  • To develop critical and creative thinking skills required for today’s challenging, complex and dynamic society

  • To provide students with the skills and academic background required for success in accelerated high school programs


Application Process

Students may qualify for the program as a Gifted Student or as an Advanced Placement Preparation Student.

Gifted Students:

Students who are officially staffed into the Gifted Student Program and have previously met a variety of criteria.

Advanced Placement Students:

Students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and would benefit from an enriched and challenging curriculum.  

All students must submit an application during registration to be considered for placement into either program and must provide the following:

  • Current Report Card

  • Current Year FSA Scores

  • Recommendation from all academic teachers

  • Signed Student/Parent Contract


All students applying to the GAPP program should have the ability to work independently and collaboratively, meet deadlines, and think critically and creatively. The GAPP curriculum is as challenging as it is rewarding. The decision to apply should be made collaboratively between the recommending teacher, parent, and the student. Please contact Southwest if you would like more information before making this important decision.

GAPP Application