School Board members, Ms. Campbell (District 5), Matt Susin (District 4), and Chair Megan Wright (District 1) handing out passports at participating museums

Brevard County, FL [June 13, 2024] – Brevard Public Schools (BPS) approves the Education & Citizenship Armed Forces Coalition of the Space Coast (ECAC) initiative, marking a significant step towards providing students with enhanced access to education and opportunities. Collaborating with the Museums of Brevard (M.O.B) and veteran/civic-minded organizations, ECAC aims to enrich student experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

While the initiative is set to fully launch at the start of the 2024-25 school year this August, ECAC has already committed to several key initiatives, including community service projects and visits to local museums. ECAC will kick off a passport program providing students with avenues for additional learning opportunities and community service options throughout the summer. This passport program will steer the students of Brevard County to attend 10 out of the 24 local museums in Brevard, encouraging museum attendance while giving our students valuable teaching lessons outside of the classroom.

Upon completion of the passport program, students will receive a distinctive certificate from the School Board and will be recognized quarterly during school board meetings. Additionally, students who contribute 10 or more hours of volunteer service will receive a unique certificate and acknowledgment during school board meetings. Currently, you can find passports at all participating museum locations.

Matt Susin, BPS school board member, Air and Space Force Association (AFA) Florida State & Regional President Maj Gen Dwyer Dennis (USAF Retired); Independent Citizenship Oversight Committee (ICOC) member Tammy Dennis; and head of Veterans Back to Class CPT Donn Weaver (USA Frm) from Veterans Back to Class, played pivotal roles in the formation of ECAC nearly a year ago. Together with local community members and veteran/civic organizations, they worked to create this committee and create a platform to empower Brevard County's youth and promote civic engagement.

Participating museums include:

  • North Brevard Historical Museum

  • American Space Museum

  • Warbird Air Museum

  • Cape Canaveral Space Force Museum

  • Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

  • Sand Space History Center

  • Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

  • Historic Prichard House

  • Green Gables at Historic Riverview Village

  • Field Manor

  • Sam's House at Pine Island Conservation Area

  • Veterans Memorial Center Park and Museum

  • Vietnam War Exhibit and Educational Center

  • Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science

  • Lawndale H.S. Williams Home

  • Liberty Bell Museum

  • Collins Museum

For a full list of all Museums of Brevard and their locations, visit here.

Dwyer Dennis expressed, "Already, we have experienced an impressive spirit of collaboration. All are motivated to making truly significant contributions to our goal of providing educational and civic-related opportunities for Brevard students helping to ensure a vibrant future for our Space Coast region!"

With over 20 committee members, ECAC brings together expertise and passion to foster active and productive citizenship among Brevard's students. This partnership marks a significant milestone in BPS's commitment to fostering collaboration and community engagement, aiming to positively impact students countywide.

For more information about ECAC, a full list of committee members, and the opportunities being offered, stay tuned for updates as a website will be available this summer.

For media inquiries, please contact:

[Ryan Dufrain] [Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources] [321-633-1000, ext. 11200] []