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Megan Wright

District 1 - Megan Wright

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(321) 429-1753

Gene Trent

District 2 - Gene Trent

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(321) 429-1733

Jennifer Jenkins

District 3 - Jennifer Jenkins

Mrs. Jennifer Jenkins was elected to the School Board in November 2020. Mrs. Jenkins is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist who has worked in public education for six years. As an employee of Brevard Public Schools, she was fortunate to serve the students of Harbor City Elementary and Pre-K Exceptional Student Education Services. She will continue to be an advocate for early intervention services working additionally with Space Coast Early Steps, servicing children under the age of three who have or are at risk for developmental disabilities or delays. Mrs. Jenkins is invested in the success of Brevard Public School professionally and personally.  Her husband Sam is a teacher and they are planning to send their daughter to her local elementary school. 

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(321) 271-9495

Matt Susin

District 4 - Matt Susin

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(321) 684-9735

Katye Campbell

District 5 - Katye Campbell

Ms. Katye Campbell was elected to the Brevard County School Board in 2018.  She taught in public middle schools in Kentucky and Texas for 7 years after graduating from Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in Music Education.  Ms. Campbell moved to Brevard in 2007 with her husband Jim, and their three children who attend Brevard Public Schools.  Prior to joining the Board, Ms. Campbell actively served in schools as an A+ volunteer, a piano accompanist, a member of the music instructional materials adoption committee, and a classroom substitute teacher.

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