One of the key beliefs of Brevard Public Schools is to:

Constantly Connect People to the Nobility of our Mission

This includes our community and the many versatile ways they can support BPS, the mission of our schools, the students we are developing, the opportunities to engage fully within the district. To do this, we have created many unique programs that include:

District Business Partners:
A business and education partnership is a collaborative effort between a school, school district and a business or support organization. They partnership leverages resources to connects schools, students and staffs with the organizations in and throughout Brevard County. 

Media Relations/Communications:
To keep both the media and public informed about the positive initiatives taking place in and around our schools, we provide communications in regular briefings and press releases. 

Advertising and Marketing:
A new program to BPS is its advertising initiative. Working with local business partners, we provide limited opportunities to reach specific audiences within our system. 

BPS SMART Podcast:
Monthly podcast devoted to sharing the educational programs, people and information about Brevard Public Schools.

BPS Heart-to-Heart Video Series:
Video interviews that share the people and passion behind the profession of educating the future of the Space Coast.

Legacy Club:
This unique program is designed to connect community members 55+ with students and provides opportunities for engagement through attendance of sports and performing arts events along with planned, student driven workshops.

Public Records & Transcripts:
To comply with Sunshine Laws and provide former students ease of access to their transcripts, we have automated many of the functions necessary to obtain critical documents.