Students piloting a robotic arm

Students have the opportunity to participate in STEAM electives as part of our Magnet. Options include TV Production, Coding, DIT, Woodshop, and STEM

Students teaching their parents how to play their band instrument after band concert
Performing Arts

It is the "A" in STEAM after all! Students also have the opportunity to participate in Musical Theatre, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, and three levels of Dance!

Students working on a teambuilding activity for AVID

AVID is an application based elective that emphasized college and career readiness through writing, critical thinking, teamwork, organization and reading skills.

Students participating in the Sunshine State Young Readers competition
Gifted Education

McNair's gifted program offers accelerated curriculum in core classes. Students are also offered 5 high school level courses in Spanish 1 & 2, DIT, Biology, Algebra and Geometry